In good we trust. Hoping good people will help us bring even more good people to the conference. We start a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for those, who dream about IDEC/EUDEC, but for some reason can`t afford it. Let`s make dreams come true. Please, donate, if you feel you can, as much as you can.

Br John Kennedy is a brother of the congregation of St Charles Lwanga. He has attended the Coady International Institute in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada. He is the administrator, director and founder of the St Charles Lwanga Children’s Centre and Secondary School in Ruai, Nairobi, Kenya and St.Vianeey Educational Centre in Rodi-Homabay-kenya .

Br Kennedy established St.Charles Lwanga Children Centre in 2010 as a home for the less fortunate children, orphans, street children, those with disability and special needs to offer them education, shelter, food and medical care. He also founded Vianeey Education Centre in Homa bay which cares for the elementary children of the age 3- 15 years. He realized that most children in Homabay region did not go to school, and this was because they were orphans lacking people to support them in their education. Homabay region has the highest number of people infected by the HIV and AIDs . He established a women’s group where women could get training on agriculture and entrepreneurial skills, family planning and health skills to help care for their families. His mission is to reach out to the community to develop support networks for families, children and youth.

At the same time I am also in charge of different clubs at the school such as Peace Club, Eco Club, Volunteer Club where students not only organise different activities but take a strong leadership role not as a future generation but a growing human of here and now. It was in S Korea 2014 I participated the programme with my head master for the first time and was already captivated by its philosophy. I have been trying to apply the practical aspect of this programme here in Nepal in whatever way possible. I would love to participate the programme.

I was born in Nepal and have been living here promoting peace, values, ethics based education with the students at the school where I work. I have done master’s in sociology from local university in Nepal and doing online master’s in peace, development, security and international conflict transformation from the Uni of Innsbruck, Austria. I am teaching at a community based school where most of the children are underprivileged (financially) where we not just sponsor them and give academic knowledge but facilitate them to recognize and realize their inner potential. since I came back from S Korea in 2014 where I participated for the first time in IDEC programme I requested my head master Vishnu who was in the same trip with me to allow me to put some of the learning into practice. He kindly allowed me.

Although I am a Social Studies teacher I request children to help me in gardening. They wholeheartedly participate in gardening which I believe is not just making one's hand dirty but to see the life appearing beneath the soil and the transformation of that life could be a huge lesson for them one day. I have also been practising Active Listening Classes for students. Here students every day before starting classes listen to a partner for 5 min and vice versa where the listener best tries to listen actively opening ears and heart without judgement and the speaker opens heart without doubt. This is followed by silent meditation for 5 min that allows students to be here and now.

Although I am supposed to teach Social Studies and Population Education I take students to park, historical palaces and open garden sometime to interview the local people, sometime just to stroll in the garden and sometime to clean the vicinity. Students have their board with Peace Club, Eco Club, Volunteer Club where they put their thoughts, articles, paintings and stories. They also gather once a month for a monthly meeting and make a plan and review of the month.

I have also taken a basic training for Disaster Risk Reduction which became very much important after the devastating 2015 earthquake of Nepal and facilitate students to plan and prepare themselves the required materials that could help them reduce the risk during calamities. At the same time I run capacity building classes for the underprivileged urban children who can/cannot attend the formal schooling. We sing, dance, chat… to name a few. This year I have also started to take children in computer class where they learn through computers.

I think there is still a lot to be done and can be done. Let’s share with each other and make this planet a wonderful place for every creature. Some of my recent works are on Facebook and the link is

Hello =), my name is Maya. I'm 24 and from the US. Right now I am volunteering with a foundation connected to a school in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico near the border with Guatemala. I have every intention of getting to the Ukraine for the IDEC/EUDEC 2019. I am looking to be freshly inspired on my road to participating in democratic education after the conference. I would greatly appreciate some financial support to make this happen! I look forward to meeting you precious people at the conference!

I am a scientist at a University and working for some social responsibilities projects such as BBOM (an another school possible school), clean food community.

I am a single mum of 8 years old boy. My husband passed away because of cancer. Therefore, I am planning to come to conference with my son. I am applying for this scholarship, since I have limited budget. I do hope I will get this scholarship and meet you there.

I am a member of a Start-up Sudbury School in Izmir. It will be the very first democratic school in Turkey. We are planning to open it in two years. That’s why I’ m thinking it is very important for Turkey to start democratic education here.

We visited 7 Sudbury School abroad to see and how democracy is workings in the schools and to get experience.

At the moment we are doing meetings with the parents and kids and share our knowledge about democratic schools. We are talking to the people who are interested in our school community about what we can do together.

I am willing to attend this conference to meet this democratic community, to meet people who have already open democratic schools, to meet people who have already worked in a democratic school, to meet people who have a lot of experience and knowledge about democratic schools. If I can join this conference I will transfer all these experience to my group and community. I am sure it will help me and my group a lot to settle a good democratic structure up for ours school.

I am Ghani from India. I am a trainer for people who are are illiterate and unemployed in the North East Indian states. I teach through photography and the use of bamboo as a construction material. My teaching methods are unorthodox and can be called 'alternative' in every sense of the word.

I had been teaching in a school of architecture for 30+ yrs. After I attended my first Democracy in Education IDEC,in Bangalore, India, it dawned in me that teaching children democraticly was definitely a better way to create a new education system that allows children to learn easier without any boundaries. My coming to Ukraine is going to sharpen my knowledge and learning experience from the other democratic teachers. I hope to share my personal experience too as a photography teacher. I strongly believe in 'Creativity through Photography'

This my sole purpose of attending this conference.

I am willing to attend this conference to meet this democratic community, to meet people who have already open democratic schools, to meet people who have already worked in a democratic school, to meet people who have a lot of experience and knowledge about democratic schools. If I can join this conference I will transfer all these experience to my group and community. I am sure it will help me and my group a lot to settle a good democratic structure up for ours school.

I am 24 years old and grew up in Berlin where i currently live. In 2018 i finished studying art therapy and pedagogy at the "Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen" in Ottersberg, close to Bremen (Germany).

During my studies in Ottersberg i was able to do my internship in the form of an transcultural art project abroad. In spring of this year i organized a second transcultural art project together with another graduate. This again took place in the same institution, an orphanage in cambodia.

If you would like to look at our work you can follow this link:
After i finished my Bachelordegree of arts in 2018 i started traveling for one year. I spend time in Spain, France, India and Nepal. In Nepal i met Saumya and other inspiring people. Now where i returned to Germany I see myself working in the education field and am applying for jobs at the moment.

My desire is to promote the joy of learning and combine my knowlege of art and movement. I would like to bring my passion and power in our education system and enhance it from inside. To do so I am organising two festivals in Germany (J HUMUS Festival in June and South-West HUMUS Festival in September this year) where topics such as wildernesspedagogy and permaculture are discussed.

I would be very greatful if you give me the opportunity to enhance my knowlege and get in touch with other people that are interested in changing and improving our education system. I am willing to attend this conference to meet this democratic community, to meet people who have already open democratic schools, to meet people who have already worked in a democratic school, to meet people who have a lot of experience and knowledge about democratic schools. If I can join this conference I will transfer all these experience to my group and community. I am sure it will help me and my group a lot to settle a good democratic structure up for ours school.

My name is Minket Lepcha and I'm from India. I've been engaged with documenting stories and folklore based on ethnic communities of Darjeeling and Sikkim for few years. I got an opportunity to direct a film on River Teesta through The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and traced the river from the source till the river leaves the mountain. I documented many communities along the river. I was also engaged in teaching for 4 years, and experienced massive gap between the education system and ground reality after my film experience. The lack of opportunity to educate local and traditional knowledge to the young generation was a concern. Having always been inspired by folklore and believing that the ecological widsom are hidden in these stories, I have created a workshop based on the folklore of Himalayan Communities especially Lepcha folklore. I use this workshop tool to inspire, influence and educate young minds to connect with river and mountains and provide an experiential learning towards their surrounding rivers and mountains. I've been travelling for the past 1 and half years telling stories of river to school and college students across India and Nepal. I wish to disseminate this data in a form of a film or a blog in future. Besides that, I am associated with various social work around Darjeeling and Sikkim region concerning environment like Sustainable Development Goals workshops, Free River Flowing campaign organized by Internationalrivers and ACT, supporting local farmers and artisans.

I am an awardee of Young Green Filmmaker 2016 in Woodpecker International Film Festival for my film ‘Voices of Teesta’. This film also earned 10th position amongst 110 films in World Water Forum in Brazil 2018.

I've been trying to reach out to children and show the unity of river through the folklore and engagement across boundaries as river does not understand boundaries. IDEC will be a great and perfect opportunity for me to connect with many educators and young minds to share this thought as it is time to convene together as a shared ecosystem.

IDEC will also help me connect with children beyond India and Nepal. I intend to ask these children their stories of river and connect them with their rivers as with time our detachment with river is creating a detachment with our ecosystem. I would love to screen the film 'Voices of Teesta' directed by me to young children. I would love to document their understanding of rivers and get to demonstrate folklore as 'living' culture and find ecological wisdom in folklore instead of history.

I hope rivers connect. And I pray that I get to come there.

My name is Gábor Páll, I'm from Hungary. Currently a freelancer trainer, and a volunteer at the Rogers Foundation for Person-Centred Education, where my job is to help traditional schools to transform more play-friendly.

My dream is to establish a free, democratic school in Hungary. It's my dream since 2011, when I take part in establish an NGO which aims to spread the word about democratic education in Hungary. We are also part of the EUDEC.

Nowadays I don't really have time to take part in works where I can earn money: I work on my master thesis which is an etnography about a democratic learning group in Hungary. And the other thing is working on the "Free Range Kids" (which is made by a mother, and I joined her), which will be a democratic learning group (and maybe an accredited school in a future). The plan is to start in September.

So the reason why I want to apply for the scholarship is simple: I don't have the money, but I'm too much excited about the conference! I took part 2 years ago in the israeli IDEC, got a lot of inspiration, and now I need more! I also want to share my knowlegde about the importance of freely chosen play, and my etnographic work about the democratic learning community in Hungary. I hope rivers connect. And I pray that I get to come there.

I am 28 years old Korean.
I had been worked in the Korean alternative highschool as a teacher in the Philippines from 2015 to August 2018, the name is Dumaguete Kalikasan Education Center. As a teacher, I provided guidance on students' personal projects, community activities support(non-violent communication, circle time), healing writing class, and ecological activities.

After finish the first work, I have been on a gap-year to look back at my first challenge as a teacher and meet students again as a mature and happy person.

In my gap-year for the past six months, I've traveled in the community for taking care of myself and healing myself. And I had the education project called 'Finding Way-finder Star, which explores learning opportunities with young people who longing new ways together' as a guide.(Link Attached
In my Journey, I realized that.

We met up the changing to the new education. Now we're not a country, we're a generation that shares stories of the Earth and we learn on the way out of the school. I think we need more open space for youth of different nationalities to communicate and speak out.
Second, I met my longing. I want to be a bridge. I want to be a bridge between Europe and Asia, between the previous generation and the next generation, to balance the difference in power. So I want to be a community builder for the space that children and teachers can speak out and listen to it in a safety space. I longing for a place where I can learn and become a happy teacher.

The EUDEC is one of the following in my journey.

When I meet youth who graduate from alternative schools in Korea, they spends few years alone in anxiety for wandering their life. However I saw Europe where youth could wander freely in the community. I want to understand in three dimensions what made this difference.

I want to make a connection with teachers at various sites in the world. I want to meet people who are going in same longing, even in different ways, let's make new bridge together!

You can read more here